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Truck & Campervan Wash

Truck & Campervan Wash


Our standard bays are 4m high x 10m long and can accommodate smaller trucks however our oversize self-service bay is 4.4m high x 10m long and is suitable for large trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, campervans, horse floats and boats.

It’s also wider than a standard self-serve carwash and is closest to the road for easy access. A 1.2m high ramp enables you to better reach the top of your vehicle.

Truck & Campervan Wash

Oversize self-serve car wash

The oversize bay is equipped with a foaming brush, a high-pressure wand and a wax applicator

These dispense a range of Turtle Wax PRO biodegradable products that are equally gentle on your vehicle’s paint and the environment. That’s something we’re passionate about so we filter and dispose of wastewater responsibly to ensure that we meet all council obligations. We also have our own bore ensuring we don’t impact on Auckland water supplies and can meet your needs during periods of water restrictions.

You can complete your vehicle grooming with our powerful drier, vacuums and mat wash.

Service Options

You can manually select and control from the following products and functions:

Truck & Campervan Wash


$1 per minute and depending on the size of your vehicle and how dirty it is, a thorough wash will cost from $10-$20.

Payment Options

$1 or $2 coins or tokens (can be purchased onsite)

We have a change machine onsite that accepts credit/debit/EFTPOS cards and $5, $10, $20 & $50 notes. The machine will dispense either $1 and $2 coins and our own tokens

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Located in Manurewa, just a short drive to Auckland Airport, TJ’s CarWash is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Payment is equally convenient and you can use cash, paywave, tokens or your phone app.

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